What To Do With Your Pets While You’re On Vacation


With the beautiful, sunny weather we’ve been having lately, you probably have one last vacation planned this summer. Many people limit vacations or avoid them all together because they don’t want to leave their pets behind. Although this is a very kind gesture for your pet, it’s not necessary. You should make your pet a priority, but you don’t have to alter your relaxation time for your pet. There are several options for your pet while you’re on vacation. We will discuss a few of these options and when is the best time to use them.

1. Boarding: Pet boarding is like vacation for your pet too! Most boarding facilities let your pet play with the others during the day, go on walks, and some even offer grooming. At night, your pet will probably be put in a kennel to sleep. If choosing pet boarding, be sure to pick a trustworthy kennel with good online reviews. You want to make sure your pet will be in good hands! This solution probably offers the most worry-free option for your pet while on vacation, but it can be very expensive.

2. Leave your pet with a friend: A cheaper option that still ensures your pet would still get adequate care is to leave him with a friend or family member. Ask you friend well in advance so they can plan and prepare for your pet’s stay. Take your pet’s food and water bowl, as well as his bed and any of his favorite toys. You may want to take your pet to your friends house prior to your vacation to make sure he is comfortable.

3. Leave your pet at home: If you have a fenced in yard for your pet and you will only be gone a few days, your pet will probably be okay at home. Be sure to put out plenty of food and water for your pet. We recommend an automatic watering system to ensure your pet will never go thirsty. You should also check the weather before you leave. Pets should never be left outside in extreme temperatures (hot or cold) and should always be provided adequate shelter so that they can escape the weather. If you have a cat, she should be fine inside the house for a few days. Since cats are more independent, they usually don’t need someone to care for them 24/7. Just make sure you leave her plenty of food and water, as well as a fresh litter box. We recommend having a friend or neighbor check on your pet (dog or cat) at least once a day to make sure he is doing well.

4. Take your pet with you: Another option is to take your pet with you on vacation! This is fun for both you and your pet. Make sure you stay at a pet-friendly hotel and will not be too busy to care for your pet. If you plan on taking your pet on vacation, you should pick pet-friendly destinations. Don’t forget all of your pet’s things, such as a leash, bed, toys, food, and water bowl. We only recommend taking your pet with you if he is well-behaved and you plan on doing a lot of pet-friendly activities.

We hope these options help you and your pet have a worry-free vacation this summer!

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