FREE Vaccines for Life


Pets that are members of the Protected for Life program receive FREE vaccinations for the rest of their life!

In years gone by, pets went to the veterinarian every year for their annual vaccinations. The vaccines are very important, but the true reason that pets needed to come in every year was for their annual examination by their doctor.

Many vaccines are effective for several years—the unwanted side effect of this discovery is that now many pets are missing out on their annual wellness checkup and on professional veterinary advice.

By becoming a member of the Protected for Life, we feel we have solved the problem of how to offer the best value on vaccines and still have your pet see the veterinarian for their annual wellness exam.


The Protected for Life program highlights:

  • There is a one time, non-refundable membership fee to start the program.
  • The membership fee is $68.00 per pet. Membership fees at this reduced price will be offered for a limited time.
  • cat3Simply return at least once per year for your pet’s Annual Comprehensive Wellness Exam by our doctors, and any eligible vaccinations for which your pet is due will be given FREE. You will be responsible for the examination fee at that time of vaccination.
  • If your pet has been seen by one of our doctors for an exam in the past year, then the enrollment fee is all that you have to pay to have your pet enrolled. They will begin receiving their free vaccines at the time they are due.
  • If your pet has not had an exam in the past year, then the fee for the exam and the one time membership fee are due at that time.

Some rules and restrictions apply.


Protected For Life Membership Form
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does the program work?FAQs

It is simple.  You pay an initial membership fee for each pet and then bring them in yearly for a wellness exam.  Any routine vaccines the doctors determine your pet should have are free of charge.

  • What are the routine vaccines?

Dogs:  Distemper, Parvo, Leptospirosis, Lyme, Bordetella, Rabies (but NOT the brand Purevax rabies).

Cats:  Distemper, Upper Respiratory Diseases, Feline Leukemia, Rabies (but NOT the brand Purevax rabies).

  • So, what do vaccines normally cost if my pet is not a member of the Protected for Life program?

Currently all vaccines are about $35.00, plus the cost of the exam.  For example, if you pet needs a vaccination for distemper and rabies, your cost would be $35 plus $35 plus the cost of the exam.

  • If I enroll my pet in this program, can I use it at any other Veterinarian?

No.  The Protected for Life program with FREE Vaccines for Life is only available at the Animal Hospital of Nashua and the Animal Hospital of Nashua at Amherst practices.

  • If I have more than one pet, does this membership apply to any of my other pets, or those of my friends or family?

No.  Each pet must be enrolled separately, and the one time membership fee paid for each pet.

  • What other discounts are available with the Protected for Life program?

The Protected for Life program is designed only to provide FREE Vaccines for Life for member pets.  There are no other discounts with this program.

All doctor’s exam fees, lab fees, medications, heartworm and flea prevention, and all other veterinary charges are not included in the program.

The pet owner must pay for the doctor’s exam at the time of vaccinating to receive the free vaccines.

Only the vaccines listed above are included in the program.

  • Can I transfer the program to another pet?

No.  The program is non-refundable.  However, you may enroll as many pets as you like, individually.

  • If I give away or sell my pet to a new owner, can this owner use the program that I purchased?

No, the program is non-transferable.  The new owner must purchase the program themselves.

  • If my pet dies or runs away, shortly after purchasing the program, may I get a refund?

No, the program is non-refundable for any reason.

  • What happens if I do not return with my pet to see the veterinarian for its Wellness Exam within one year?

You have 12 months to return with your pet to see the veterinarian for your pet’s Wellness Exam.

There is a 30-day grace period following the Enrollment Date for the Wellness Exam.  That is after 30-days following the Enrollment Date, the program you purchased will become null and void if your pet did not receive a Wellness exam during the year.

  • I want my pet to stay a member of the program, but I missed having him receive his Wellness Exam during the eligible time period. Now what?

We understand!  Therefore, to reinstate your pet into the Protected program, you only have to pay the Membership Fee again and have a Wellness Exam for your pet—and your pet is again eligible for FREE Vaccines for Life beginning with that visit!

However, we can make no guarantee that this program will be available in the future, or that the rates will remain this low.

  • What if my pet is not due for any vaccines, do I still need to come in for its annual Wellness Exam?

This question illustrates exactly the reason why the Protected for Life program was developed!  We strongly feel that pets need at least one wellness exam every year (remember the old saying:  one dog/cat year is equal to 7 human years?).

In years gone by, vaccines were automatically given EVERY year along with the annual Wellness Exam.  With today’s vaccine protocols, pets may not need a vaccine for 2-3 years—but they sure need to be examined annually!

By developing the Protected for Life program, we feel we have solved the dilemma of how to offer the best value on vaccines and still have your pet examined yearly.

  • My pet is obviously very healthy. Can I just get the free vaccines and skip the Wellness Exam?

No.  To be eligible for FREE vaccines, your pet must be an active member of the program and must receive a doctor’s exam at the time the vaccines are given.  This is the best medicine (and safest practice) for your pet.

  • How does this work for my new puppy or kitten?

Congratulations on your new friend!  Puppies and kittens need a series of vaccinations to protect them against disease.  Usually new puppies and kittens receive a series of 2-4 examinations as they grow to make sure they are maturing properly; these exams are usually accompanied by vaccinations.

That is, there will be the fee for the examinations, but the vaccinations are FREE.  This usually results in a lower total cost to you when compared to the traditional practice of charging for vaccinations.

We suggest that you enroll your new puppy and kitten on their first visit for the maximum savings.

Free Vaccines for Life