How You Can Help Pets In A Shelter


There are so many pets in shelters, and they need help. Although it would be wonderful if we could just all adopt a shelter pet, that’s not always possible. Many of you already have pets and do not want another one. However, you can still help the shelter pets without adopting them. We’ve outlined a few ways you can help the shelter pets live a longer, happier life.

1. Volunteer

We recommend volunteering at animal shelters because it allows you to help the animals without spending any money or using your home. Simply going to the shelter and petting kittens or walking dogs can make their day. Unfortunately, many shelters have so many animals they cannot devote enough time to each one individually. That’s where volunteers come in!

2. Donate

If you would like to help out, but don’t have time to volunteer at the shelter we recommend donating. If you donated food and toys to the shelters, then they could use their money on other things, like larger facilities.

3. Foster

Fostering and animal can be such a rewarding experience. When you foster an animal, you keep him at your house until he can find a forever home. This allows the animal to get out of the shelter and makes room for more animals to come in. Fostering an animal can save him from being euthanized. Unfortunately, many shelters are overpopulated and simply cannot care for the number of animals that need homes. Many shelters offer foster programs where they pay for vet bills, and some even pay for food! Call you local shelter today to ask about their fostering program.

4. Spread the word

Another way you could help is to tell people about how great shelter pets are. Encourage your friends that are looking for new pets to check out the local shelters.

5. Spay/neuter

Although spaying or neutering your pet doesn’t help current shelter pets directly, it can save future pets from being put into shelters in the first place. Spaying or neutering your pet is the most responsible solution to getting pets out of shelters.

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